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BuildingIn just a couple of weeks we are moving into the Yad Sarah building in BeitHakerem. According to Meshi’s professional staff, this new space would be ideal for our needs.  With larger hallways, more therapy rooms, a large drop off and pickup area,and an elevator we can barely contain our excitement. Not only would this move increase the space for our current students, but this would allow more students from our extensive waiting list to join Meshi as well.

The Yad Sarah Building would increase our therapy space as follows:







  Currently at Meshi Yad Sarah Building
10 Classrooms 30²m each 45²m -55²m each
Physiotherapy room 20²m 60²m
Occupational therapy room 10²m 45²m
Hallways and doorways Narrow and hard to navigate Wide and easily accessible
Elevators none 6 that can fit 4-5 children each

Additionally we will add:

  • 20 small educational rooms, for teaching, reading, computers, and math.
  • 30²m computer room
  • Teachers room
  • Large easy accessible drop off and pick up for our students. This will assure the safety of our students.

Before we can move in the space we need to do some renovations for our specifications. The renovations are almost done and we just can’t wait.

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